Jon Canady is a long-serving board member for CRB, and the current MC for the Monthly Meetup, with over a decade of experience in the Columbus Ruby community. He was a founding engineer at CoverMyMeds, and is currently consulting with Matched Pattern.

Why would you like to join the CRB Board?

I've been part of the Columbus Ruby Brigade for about ten years now, and actively serving on the board since the board was created. I love the opportunity to help coordinate and guide CRB, as well as the opportunity to help other members of the community in the ways I was helped as a younger developer.

What would you like to do?

In 2018 I'd like to re-evaluate our Monthly Meeting format, to see if changes (small changes like timing, or larger changes like general format or venue) are necessary to keep providing the best value we can for our member's time. I'd also like to find ways to help promote and grow the developers in the community, whether this is by hosting additional events under the CRB name, or setting up a Mentoring list for folks willing to work with developers who'd like a hand, or even just by promoting open source projects as ways to help folks grow their resum├ęs.