I’ve developed on the web for 20 years and have consulted for the last ten years. I can take most any idea and make it functional. I can configure pools of servers, architect and develop the applications on those servers, and make it all look good (and run). Before launching Matched Pattern I was a Senior Developer at Rackspace and Professor at Franklin University. I hold a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and I’ve lead the 500+ members of the Columbus Ruby Brigade for years. I’ve launched projects for folks like Rackspace, AT&T, Sprint, Digitas, LivingSocial and SeoMoz to local engineering and consulting firms.

Why would you like to join the CRB Board?

I want to overhaul the CRB.

What would you like to do?

The biggest change I'd like to make is: I want to return CRB back to its social roots. We'll still have talks but we're here to talk to each other and grow. I believe this can be accomplished by changing our meeting location. CMM has been a _fantastic_ host, but we're a motley crew. They run 24x7 and by being good guests we've changed how we operate. After a day of work, you want to leave an office to relax. I propose moving the CRB to the old Gahanna area, where parking is free and bars/restaurants are plenty and walkable. Full Discloser: My company, Matched Pattern will be leasing office space in this area and will sponsor the CRB. Outside sponsorships are welcome!