Hello! I’m am a Software Developer at CoverMyMeds. I love learning and sharing that knowledge with others. My Computer Science senior project in 2006 was on Ruby on Rails and it was finally what helped me to enjoy programming. I have been working professionally in Ruby ever since. I'm also a hobby addict.

Why would you like to join the CRB Board?

I'm currently on the board of directors and President. I would love to continue the work we've been doing.

What would you like to do?

As President last year, after diving into research, I was focused on setting a baseline for how to function as a non-profit organization: creating a succession plan, by-law updates, opening a bank account, and identifying costs. Now that those things are in order, I'd like to focus on the next level: diversifying our sponsorship, continue the discussion of changing venues, and facilitate the discussion of ideas.