I grew up just outside Chicago, attending Illinois State University and moving to Ohio to go to graduate school at The Ohio State University, where I studied storytelling, folklore, narrative and cultural theory, identity politics, as well as focusing on autobiography and film studies. I worked for a bit in marketing and then returned to serve at OSU in the College of the Arts & School of Music, in the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Student Advising for 11 years. I taught and advised students, managed enrollment practices and built programs to connect students to their communities. After 11 years at OSU and a a few years teaching at DeVry, I moved into a Community Engagement Consulting role at OSU with the Knowlton School of Architecture on grants serving Weinland Park, a neighborhood of Columbus, where I live and run a community free farm called 4th Street Farms. I've worked in corporate retail (Tween Brands), local startups (Emerging Marketing, Brothers Drake, Snowville Creamery and more), and most recently served in Early Learning at the Ohio Department of Education, before taking the role I currently hold as Community Organizer for Tech Talent South - Columbus, providing Code Immersion and Web Development Bootcamps at the Columbus Idea Foundry. I am moved to serve, to grow and empower other people to do more and better.

Why would you like to join the CRB Board?

I have experience working with nonprofits and can help facilitate potential private-public partnership that could grow the Ruby community and potentially make a real difference in Columbus. I have background with grants, fundraising, workforce and economic development, as well as internships and apprenticeships. Building pipelines of talent motivates me and Columbus needs more skilled developers, finding ways to bridge that gap could be found by partnering grant dollars with startup shops. I also am a Community Organizer at TTS - Columbus and we teach Ruby in our flagship Code Immersion Bootcamp, as well as Next Level Rails and related coursework in App Dev and beyond. It would be great to collaborate even more with CRB than I already do. Finally, I have a background in marketing, storytelling and deep connections to OSU/CSCC and other higher ed institutions and would love to grow awareness on those campuses of CRB and collaborations with other programs that value open source. Building bridges between worlds is my space.

What would you like to do?

I want to help CRB grow. I think in addition to all the amazing thing CRB is already doing that the capacity as a nonprofit could be leveraged to really do more in the world of growing talent. We might begin with a small pilot, assess and develop, but public-private partnership to grow talent at startups could make a huge difference in jumpstarting economic development as well as workforce - for individuals that can make a life changing difference. I want to learn. I want to enjoy listening, participating, creating and collaborating. I am not really a developer, per se, but bring some 15+ years experience working in front end: CMS, SEO, SEM and social media, but mostly I'm a coach, an educator, an activist and a visionary dreamer who gets shit done.