Hello! I'm currently a Principal Software Engineer at Oracle, working on cloud stuff. Before that I was a team lead for a NoSQL startup, a .Net consultant, and other things. I graduated with a CSE degree from The Ohio State University back in the ancient times before iPhones and Twitter. I'm also a work-from-home rockstar, for more than half my career now.

Why would you like to join the CRB Board?

I've been coming to CRB for 10 years now, and it's time to give back. CRB and it's people gave me so much when I first started out as a programmer, and I want to make sure that legacy continues.

What would you like to do?

CRB has always been there for learning, socializing, networking, and many more things - I want to keep the good parts going. I also believe we can improve some things further, like location, speaker topics, etc. I miss some of the short quirky talks like "Munc's Method of the Month", we could reintroduce things like that to give some depth into Ruby proper, while also continuing the spread of other topics.